KHK Porch Staining

On Saturday, 13 July 2013, the front porches at our house, 114 N Orchard Street, were stained. In an event organized by chapter president Andrew Linson and alumnus Joe Green, several active members got together to clean, sand, and stain the front porches.

The porches were constructed several years ago, and required a waiting period before staining due to the treated wood used in construction. The staining has enhanced the aesthetic quality of the wood, and will waterproof and protect our investment for many years.

We thank our active members for contributing their time and all of the alumni, whose financial contributions made this construction project possible!

Photos & Captions:

KHK Porch 00

1) KHK members (left to right): Andrew Linson, Chao Li, Grant Langlois, Ian Powell, and Joe Green.

KHK Porch 02

2) Porches, pre-staining

KHK Porch 02

3) Porches, post-staining

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