86th National Convention Recap

The 86th National Convention of Kappa Eta Kappa was held this past weekend (23-February-2013) at Beta Chapter in Minneapolis, MN. The Delta Alumni Association submitted a document listing all 141 dues-paying members of DAA to the National Executive Council (NEC). Representing the DAA with six votes were:

Jerry Peplinski (2 votes)
Samuel Hurley (1 vote)
Alex Smith (2 votes)
Scott Woods (1 vote)

In addition to attending the meeting, DAA members Jerry Peplinski, Samuel Hurley, and Scott Woods drove up to St. Cloud, MN to observe the status of the Iota house, which was purchased thanks to a loan from the Delta Housing Corporation and is currently under extensive renovations.

Finally, the DAA would like to congratulate the four new officers of national. A photo is attached.


From left to right:
Scott Woods, Treasurer (DAA Director)
Maggie White, Secretary (Delta Active Member & Secretary)
Luke Grigore, Vice President (Beta Chapter President)
Samuel Hurley, President (DAA Director)

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