DAA Membership Meeting Photo

DAA meeting was held at Union South Madison WI on 2/9/13.

20130209 DAA Meeting Picture

In attendance were:
Standing (left to right)
Mark Van Susteren (DAA Director)
Bud Kehrli (DHC Treasurer)
Tom Irwin (DAA Director)
Matt Buck (DAA Secretary and NEC Secretary)
Steve Paugh (DAA Treasurer)
Sam Hurley (DAA Director)
Ian Powell (Chapter President)
Dale Saari (Chapter Pledge Trainer)
Matt From (Chapter Treasurer)
Alex Smith (DAA Vice President)
Sitting (left to right)
Jerry Peplinski (DAA President and DHC President)
Scott Woods (DAA Director and NEC Treasurer)
Sean Scannell (Delta Alumnus)

I work at the University of Oxford as an MRI Physicist, developing new and improved techniques for imaging of the brain (neuroimaging). I hold a PhD from the University of Wisconsin in Medical Physics.

In my free time I enjoy music, both performing and attending shows.